About Me

My name is Susan Padgham and I am the owner of Poppins Pet Services. I live in Chippenham with my family which includes our Hungarian Vizsla, Otto and our rabbit, Boo. 

There has not been a moment in my life when I have not had a pet to care for. My life would feel incomplete without at least one animal to share it with.

Having often been called upon, by friends and family, to care for their pets, I have had many years of experience of caring for all sorts of animals including; dogs cats, rabbits, fish, hamsters, budgies, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs and tortoises. I have also looked after sheep, chickens and the occasional stick insect.

It is my passion for animals that led me, in early 2017, to create Poppins Pet Services, providing an affordable, reliable and trustworthy service. What started as providing Pop-in services has now evolved to also include Dog Boarding within my own home. Please Note: I have suspended my Dog Boarding Services until further notice. 

I can tailor my services to the needs of both yourself and your pet and will look after and tend to your pets like you would yourself, ensuring they are always safe until you return.